5 secrets to creating great Facebook Ads

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Facebook Advertising can be difficult to create consistent ads that produce the results you are looking to accomplish. Many people fail to launch their campaign because they are afraid of producing ads that don’t work. Here are 5 secrets that we use to create amazing Facebook Ads and make the process so much easier.

1) Choose Images That Stand Out

If you want to get your ads clicked, you must capture the attention of the user. To do this you have seconds to gain user’s attention as they are scrolling through their Facebook feed. Your ad needs to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Choosing the correct image is the basis of a good quality ad. Even though you want your image to stand out, make sure it is not offensive or inappropriate. You don’t want your ad to be rejected by Facebook.

2) Create tag lines

Using a tag line can really help your ad stand out and create the message you want to get to the consumer. Often times, we leave the user wondering what we are about and what we are trying to promote. Using clear and concise tag lines can help the user instantly identify with your product or promotion and increase the chance of converting that user into a sale.

3) Use Calls to actions

Once your ad grabs their attention, a clear call-to-action is very important. Your call to action needs to tell the customer what you want them to do next. Many Ads leave the client guessing and can confuse the user. Don’t take any chances and make sure that they clearly know what you want them to do next.

4) Try different things

When developing Facebook Ads, don’t be afraid to try new and different things. The great part about using Facebook is it is easy to change out an ad that is not performing well and replace it with something different. Constantly updating your ads and trying new ideas will help keep your ads fresh and help brand your company and the same time.

5) Finish with a Post Text Title

Now that you have a killer design, be sure to finish your ad by creating your post text title. Post text titles give further insight to what you are promoting and reinforces your ad and call to action. This is where the action takes place and your ROI begins.

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