6 Steps to maintaining a successful PPC Campaign

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For many, ppc is a foreign language that tends to confound the wise. A well planned pay per click campaign can earn great returns if done properly. In order to get every last drop of ROI you can in your campaign, you must constantly be adjusting your strategy to match your competition. This adjusting should be done on a consistent basis to help improve your ROI. Here are a few monthly strategies to help your campaign continually improve:

Adjust Your Settings

A lot of people believe that you can just set up your keywords and then let it run, but this is not the case. Each and every month, you should look at you settings.

Networks – Check to see if your ads are running on the correct networks. Are your ads running on both the search and display networks? Make sure each is running optimally.
Budget – Verify that your budgets are correct and that they are being allocated properly.
What time your ads display – Clicks at different times of the day can perform differently. Review your reports to see if certain campaigns are performing better at certain times.
Mobile vs desktop – Look to see if a certain device is performing better for specific campaigns. If you see that one campaign performs better for a particular device, you can make the needed changes to increase your ROI.
Region or Area – Is a specific location doing better for your campaigns? If you find an area outperforming other areas, you can maximize these budgets.
Mine search term reports

Once your campaign is setup you will find that many of the search terms that start hitting are not your optimal potential. To maximize your results you must constantly update and maintain your keyword list. As you find keywords that do not meet your campaigns needs, place them on the negative keyword list. This will disallow these clicks from happening in the future and allow you to use your budget for more specialized keywords. These are the keywords that will increase your click through rate, while enhancing your ROI.

Optimize, test, and re-optimize your ad Text

One thing you can count on with PPC Management is that you have to continually optimize your ad text. Continual adjustments should be made on a consistent basis and then these adjustments should be tested. Once the ads are live, you can then track how they are doing using your reports. These reports can then be used to re-optimize and tested again. This cycle should be continuous on a monthly basis.

Adjust your Landing Page

Not all landing pages are created equal. They differ in many different ways and therefore generate different results. There are many different changes that can be made to a landing page to help convert more traffic into paying customers. We will go into more depth in a latter post on how to fully optimize a landing page and use A-B testing to help you gain traction.

Review Reports

Many times, we fail to do one of the most important things of running a campaign, review our reports. Once we have everything running, we should always go to our reports to see how things are functioning, and to see if your campaigns are getting better. In one of our blogs we talk about the basics of understanding the importance of Google Analytics.

Repeat the Process

We then take the results we find on the reports and repeat the process. This allows us to get better and better as the process goes on.

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